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Star Wave Entertainment

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Chinese Lantern Lunar New Years Festival  Chinese Lantern

Lucky Money Envelope Collab Sign-up Deadline: Feb 25
Lucky Money Envelope Poll Submission Deadline: May 16
Lucky Money Envelope Event Deadline: May 27

[Event] Lunar New Years

Thu Feb 9, 2017, 1:45 PM by StarWaveEnt:iconstarwaveent:

Chinese Lantern   Event Announcements  Chinese Lantern 

  • Feb 6, 2017: A reminder to all Holiday Secret Exchange participants, submissions are due soon! Get them done!
    • We will finally start our World Tour Arc. Though a little late as we didn't want the event in the middle of our opening.
      • Please be aware that the World Tour Arc is meant to last for several events. 
      • Based on activity, we may wrap up the World Tour Arc or extend it based on members' interests. 
      • Members are welcome to suggest places we should visit! But mods have pre-decided some places Star Wave will visit already.

Chinese Lantern Lunar New Years Festival  Chinese Lantern


Sadly there's some work involved and not exactly a vacation but might as well enjoy while you're here or pray nothing goes terribly wrong like during the summer trip.

There's lots to do during the festival season but exploring is always a good idea! Here are some fun activities that stars can take part in, besides getting to know their fans here:

Lucky Money Envelope Market Visit
Shopping for souvenirs is always a great idea. Why not swing by Bird Street, the Ladies Market, the Jade Market, Goldfish Market, and so more much more

Lucky Money Envelope Temple Visit
If you got time, maybe donate some offerings and pray at the temple or visit the great monastery. You might get some good luck while you're there~

Lucky Money Envelope Lion Dance and Cultural Performance
The Lion Dance is traditional dance where dancers were costums and perform during the new years. Check it out or grab a buddy and try it out!

Lucky Money Envelope Opera
Top opera actors and actresses perform during this celebration season. Stop by and watch a stunning performance

Lucky Money Envelope Reunion Dinner
Many families gather to eat during the Lunar New Year. Maybe hit the restaurants or streets to find some good food to chow down on!

Lucky Money Envelope Avenue of Stars
Various Kung Fu movies have been shot here in Hong Kong. Why not relive and visit places where famous movies were filmed? Maybe even better, wind up in an actual movie and learn some action moves. 

Lucky Money Envelope Traditional Outfit Dress-up  
 It is Lunar New Years this time around and probably a really good idea to fit in with the locals by wearing traditional Chinese clothing cheongsam(qipao) or changshan. 

Arrow left Please fill out this meme of your character in an outfit to join the festival fun!

Star Wave Lunar New Years Meme by StarWaveEnt

Arrow left Art Submission Deadline: May 6, 2017
  • Anyone who fills out the meme and submit it to the Events Folder before the deadline will be placed on a friendly poll.  
  • The winner of this poll will receive +1 FR★ and 1 Charisma SP. If there are ties this will be distributed equally to the winners.
  • You are allowed to fill out this meme multiple times, but please designate only one for the polls!

Lucky Money Envelope Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival marks the final day of New Years. Join the celebration by carrying a lantern! Or if you're pretty skilled making your own paper lantern~

Lantern Divider by BKcrazies0Lantern Divider by BKcrazies0Lantern Divider by BKcrazies0Lantern Divider by BKcrazies0

Tell us what your star plans are up to for this trip!
  • Please have your character respond via in RP format answering this question in the journal comments and earn $1  !

Lai Si Avatar  Group Outing Collaborations  Lai Si Avatar 

Probably it isn't too practical to hang around with everyone but might not be that great to go alone all alone to get lost. So maybe grabbing a pal or a few to visit places might sound like a bright idea. 

Related image
Lucky Money Envelope   If you're interested in taking part in a randomly assigned collab, please comment in this journal by using this form! 

Username: Input Username

Preference: Please put whether you'd like to art or RP or both for the collaboration and specifications of preference if necessary!

  • RP - Skype, Notes, Comment, Chat, GDocs, etc
  • Art - Sketch, Line, Flat Color, Shade, BG

This is purely optional and voluntary, and only meant to help members find RP partners and new friends to mingle with. 
  • Most people use this opportunity to draw and collaborate with one another!
  • Others use this chance to RP with someone new.
  • The best is doing both!
Arrow left Sign-up Deadline Lucky Money Envelope    February 25, 2017
  • We will announce assigned individuals in this journal the next day.
Arrow left Collab Submission Deadline Lucky Money Envelope   Event Deadline
  • There is no actual deadline for this activity, but if you want Event Fame Recognition points and payment, you can only get it while the event is in progress!
  • But yeah if you and your partner can't submit anything don't sweat it!

Collab Matchups

None yet come back soon!

Lai Si Avatar  Event Submissions Lai Si Avatar 

Lucky Money Envelope  All submissions relating to this event must be submitted to the Events Folder

Lucky Money Envelope   Any submissions relating to this event made during the Event Time Frame will receive 5 FR★ points per submission & payment according the current character's level:
  •  If your current leveling character is level 1-5, you will be paid with Easy Payment.
  •  If your current leveling character is level 6-12, you will be paid with Intermediate Payment.
  • If your current leveling character is level 13+, you will be paid with 
    Expert Payment.
    • Payment will not be given to late submissions!
Lucky Money Envelope   Event Deadline: May 27, 2017
  •  This is not a mandatory event! 
  •  Both Star Wave & Medusa Talents may take part in this event. 
  • This event may be extended as mods have not decided the next opening date, so do not fret if you are late to submitting

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